Institutional Financial Aid Programs

Brescia University invests more than $1.8 million each year towards the success of our students. All full-time undergraduate students who are not enrolling in the already-discounted BUonline Program are eligible to be considered for institutional financial aid. Institutional financial aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis at the time of aid packaging. No separate application is required.

Use our Academic Scholarship Estimator to discover which of the Brescia University Scholarships are available to you based on ACT/SAT score and grade point average.

Brescia University will first apply federal and state grants to a business office account and then apply institutional aid up to the student’s total direct costs which only includes tuition, room, and board charges. A copy of Brescia University’s institutional aid policy is available in the Financial Aid Office as well as mailed with the financial aid award letter.

Academic Scholarships

Joseph D. Moore Presidential Scholars Program

The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize students who have distinguished themselves by their high academic achievement, their leadership skills, and their involvement in co-curricular activities. Those selected as Joseph D. Moore Scholars will play a significant role in assisting President Hostetter in representing the University at a variety of events during the academic year. Moore Scholars will have the opportunity to meet influential business, educational, political, and civic leaders while providing service to Brescia University. This most prestigious award and position will enable students to cultivate their leadership skills, provide valuable service to the University, and make important contacts that may be helpful as they consider their professional lives. A separate application is required for this award with a deadline of December 1st. Finalists for the award will be invited to campus for a personal interview with the President and Joseph Moore. This award is limited to traditional full-time, first-time freshmen attending courses on campus.

Henry E. and Mary Williams LaRue O’Bryan Business Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes academically gifted students planning to pursue a degree within the School of Business. Career preparation is a key concept of the Brescia University mission, and the School of Business has successfully prepared students for imaginative and responsible citizenship and leadership roles in business and society since the University’s inception. A separate application is required for this award with a deadline of December 1st. Finalists for the awards will be invited to campus for a personal interview with the Chair of the School of Business. This award is limited to traditional full-time, first-time freshmen attending courses on campus.

Centennial Scholarship

In celebration of Brescia’s approaching 100th anniversary of providing a quality, affordable private education, the Centennial Scholarship is available based solely on a student’s grade point average.  Though not required, students are encouraged to submit standardized test scores, if available, to maximize the amount of scholarship dollars they are eligible to receive.  The Centennial Scholarship is valued between $5,000 – $25,000 per year and is renewable for up to eight semesters of enrollment.  The Centennial Scholarship is open to all traditional first-time, full-time freshmen not enrolling in the online program based on information provided on their admissions application.  No separate scholarship application is required for these awards.

Alumni Discount Grant

The Alumni Discount Grant is available to any individual who earned a bachelor’s degree from Brescia is eligible for a 25% tuition discount on Brescia’s undergraduate programs/courses. The children (25 years old or younger), the dependents (as defined by the Internal Revenue Code), and the spouse of an individual who earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree from Brescia are eligible for a 10% tuition discount on tuition charges for Brescia’s undergraduate programs/courses.

Alumni Tuition Discount Application must be completed and submitted to the Financial Aid office by the first day of classes. The Application must be completed each academic year. A Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must also be completed each academic year to receive the Alumni Tuition Discount on undergraduate programs/courses. The discount will not be applied if the Alumni Tuition Discount and the FAFSA (undergraduate) is not completed. An individual who earned a bachelor’s degree from Brescia may not receive the Alumni Tuition Discount if they are receiving Brescia grants or scholarships including but not limited to academic or athletic scholarships. The Registrar will verify the Brescia degree earned. The Financial Aid Office will verify completion of FAFSA. The Vice President of Business & Finance and the Vice President of Enrollment will decide questions of eligibility.

Download the Alumni Discount Grant Application Form

Athletic Scholarships

Full-time student-athletes may be eligible for an Athletic Grant for participating in one of Brescia University’s athletic programs. Athletic Grants are awarded directly to the student by the head coach of each program. Prospective students interested in learning more should visit our athletic website and contact the Head Coach for their particular sport.

Brescia Loan Program

Brescia University awards a limited number of institutional loans to students who have financial need. For further information regarding the Brescia University Loan Program, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Brescia Work-Study

Brescia University offers a limited number of work-study positions on campus to qualifying students. Any student interested in the Brescia University work-study program should contact the Financial Aid Office for further details.

Catholic Connections Grant

The Catholic Connection Grant is a 50% tuition discount for new students graduating from private, Catholic high schools or upon the recommendation of their parish priest. Students who receive the Catholic Connection Grant must live on campus, be enrolled full-time, and cannot combine the Grant with a Brescia University academic scholarship. This Grant is renewable for up to eight semesters.

Contributed/Endowed Scholarships

Through the generosity of alumni, families, and friends, Brescia University is pleased to offer contributed and endowed scholarships to prospective and current students. These scholarships carry with them very specific criteria and funding levels. Many of these scholarships help Brescia University underwrite institutional aid programs. All students are considered for contributed and endowed scholarships at the time of financial aid packaging without a separate application.

Talent Grant Program

Brescia University awards grants to talented students in music and art. Students will be notified of an award from the Art Department or the English Department.